There is something surreal about moving into a new place and sitting in your new bedroom. Or it can be using the new kitchen for the first time and finally realizing that you are now living on your own and you have the complete freedom that you want. Although moving into a new apartment can be very exciting, there are also things you need to do and take into consideration.   

You might be sitting there feeling the newfound sense of freedom but then you immediately thought do I even have plates for my food?   

You see, moving into a new place requires a lot of thinking. Because once you move in, it would take a whole lot of energy to go back and get the missing items. Moving service San Diego is one of the best services you need to hire when you move out from one place to another. Rest assured that your items and stuff will be handled with care.   

However, before you hire a moving service, you need to know the essential things that need to be moved. Today, we list for you the essential things you need.   

  1. Kitchenware – it will save you a great deal when you cook your own food and avoid getting out every day to take out a meal. And in order to cook your own food, you need to have the basic kitchenware. The following stuff is what you need:  
  • Dishes  
  • Drinking glasses  
  • Coffeemaker   
  • Knives  
  • Pans and pots  
  • Water heater  
  • Baking sheet  
  • Oven-safe dish  
  • Cooking utensils such as large spoons and spatula  
  • Mug  
  • Measuring cups  
  • Dishtowels  
  • garbage can  
  • Oven mitts  
  • Cutting board  


  1. Bathroom stuff – besides toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo, and body wash, you will also need a few things to keep your bathroom functional and organized. You will need the following:  
  • Wall hook  
  • toilet brush   
  • trash can  
  • shower curtain  
  • bath towels  
  • face towels  
  • bath mat  
  • toilet paper  
  • Plunger  
  • toothbrush case or holder  


  1. bedroom essentials – sleep is important and you want to make it as comfortable as you can. you cannot afford a decent mattress yet, then opt for a futon or an air mattress. Besides your bed, you will also need the following:  
  • Lamp  
  • Pillows  
  • laundry hamper  
  • storage like dresser or containers  
  • Comforter  
  • Some hangers  


  1. Supplies for cleaning – now that you’re living on your own, you will need to ensure the cleanliness of your apartment. You will be surprised by how much work you will need to do in order to make things in your apartment organized and clean. While some people hire cleaning services, starting to live on your own will need you to clean the space by yourself. while purchasing a vacuum can be very convenient, you can start with the following tools and equipment:  
  • Bucket  
  • Sponges  
  • paper towels  
  • bathroom cleaning spray  
  • dish soap  
  • soft rags  
  • broom and dustpan  
  • garbage bags  
  • laundry detergent  
  • Mop  
  • wood cleaner (optional)  
  • Gloves  
  • hand soap  
  • baking soda and white vinegar  


  1. Food – What we just shared with you are the most essential things that you need to ensure you have. When it comes to your food, make sure you only purchase what you need on a weekly basis as most food and ingredients will only spoil if not cooked or used.