Even though stucco is regarded as basically a maintenance-free material, it’s still quite prevalent and very common for stucco companies to get questions about how to maintain a stucco home. Nevertheless, if you’re planning to get a stucco home exterior or if you have one now, then listed below are some of the maintenance tips you should remember to help maintain your stucco exterior. 

Maintaining the paint color 

Your stucco wall’s color will naturally fade over time. At times, even becoming stained or discolored in some cases. A couple of things you can do to keep that from occurring and preserve its paint color include repainting your walls every 3-7 years and cleaning your walls regularly. 

Effective cleaning agents 

Some cleaners can be used as you properly remove mildew, dirt, tough stains, and other contaminants from your walls. These cleaners include specialized stucco cleaners, a solution of water and bleach for visible mold, or even warm water mixed with simple dish soap for debris and mild dust. 

Wash your walls 

You need to wash your home’s exterior at least 2-3 times every year to help maintain the coloring and shine of the stucco. You can either do so by grabbing a power washer or simply spray your exterior with a garden hose, which does the job pretty well especially with smooth surfaces. However, utilizing a power washer to clean your stucco exterior will certainly require less work on your part and make the task be done a lot faster. 

Seal any cracks on the surface 

At some point, your stucco surface will inevitably crack because it’s just something the material does naturally. Minimal cracks can be repaired in just a few minutes with the help of caulking, which is a DIY job that can be done without the experts’ help. Once the part of stucco is next to another material, like concrete or wood, then you can still apply caulking to bridge the gap. Make sure to check the stucco repair Phoenix job you’ve done every year because you’ll more likely need to caulk it every 3-5 years. 

Typical stucco issues 

As you clean your stucco exterior, you might eventually encounter some issues. But you don’t have to worry because these are typical problems that several property owners experience. One of them is when the finish starts chipping off, and sadly, this issue is something that can’t be prevented. Most likely this stucco problem takes place when using a heavy hand while scrubbing away stains or when power washing. Some typical stucco problems include larger cracks forming or staining along the wall’s bottom, which both need to be attended to by the stucco experts. 

All in all, stucco is a great alternative for property owners because it is more cost-efficient than other available materials in the market. Plus, you can simply clean the stucco surface with a garden hose every few weeks. Also, if you’ve applied sealant properly and regularly, then you get to enjoy the attractive look that it will bring to your house for many years to come.