Appliance repair in Queen Creek AZ always comes in handy as defective appliances need to be repaired as soon as possible before they cause so much inconvenience in the house. Well, to say the least, inconveniences may arise, but dangers can also happen when you keep using damaged and defective units at home. This does not exclude your refrigerator.   

Among the appliances, it is in the kitchen where you get to see units that are often used more than other appliances in the house or in your business; and your fridge may also be one of the frequently touched in your kitchen or in the supermarket. So, to help you, we list here the possible questions you may ask when you experience a defective fridge. As a homeowner or a business owner, we know you will thank us later!  


Is it possible to have a slip and fall accident in a defective fridge?  

Very yes. When a fridge is leaking, accidents like this often happen especially when your floor does not emphasize the water leak.   

The water from the fridge and the condensation altogether can cause puddles at the bottom, causing slipping accidents. If you have seniors and children, this can be hazardous. If you run a business, a defective fridge will be more of an inconvenience since slipping hazards will cause employees and customers accidents. To make it worse, customers will negatively react to your business from the injuries incurred to them and further sue you.   

Can I file an accident lawsuit because of a defective fridge?  

Slip and fall accidents can result in fatal injuries including broken bones, dislocations, sprains, concussions, brain injuries, scarring, coma, and even death, depending on the situation and the severity of the accident. This is why one can always file for a slip and fall accident lawsuit.   

In fact, it is encouraged to file and take appropriate legal actions against the owner of the fridge. This can happen in different places such as hotels, supermarkets, motels, or grocery stores and is attributed to negligence on the responsible party’s side. Filing needs evidence that the injuries really came from the defective appliance unit.   

As a business owner, it is crucial to inspect and repair broken appliances, especially those that will endanger people.   

How about purchasing a defective refrigerator?  

If by any chance, you have purchased a fridge that leaks because of any internal error, you could file a product liability claim against the manufacturing company. Again, always ready proofs or evidence for the lawsuit. Seek out a lawyer after obtaining evidence.   

What can I get in return?  

What you can get depends on the severity of the circumstances of the incident and case. It involved analyzing the severity of the injury and how it affects your daily functions in living and/or at work. This may include medical expenses from the past or future surgery, ambulance, physical rehabilitation, medical prescription, and even lost income because of the incident.   

It is crucial to maintain and repair any appliances at home or in the business to avoid such accidents.