Beginner’s Introduction to Video Editing

As YouTube becomes more popular every day, many people are inspired to make their own videos and upload it to the internet. Or perhaps businesses are starting to advertise in video format which opens a window of opportunity for those who can edit videos to be a video editor and get paid. Either way and for whatever reason you want to learn this skill, video editing is a very useful one that you can turn into money or maybe just to make you more creative in general.

Firstly you want to have a computer which can be a PC or a laptop, then all you need is the software to edit the clips. There are many applications out there that you can use from a more complicated and professional one to the free ones that you can use to practice. But whatever ways or software that you want to work with, the general idea is the same. You need to get to know the basics first before you do anything fancy to the video.

Cutting your clips

using laptop and coffeeThere is no way that you will use everything that was recorded on a clip. You will want only to take some moments and discard the rest. Moments, where you feel like it is unnecessary or ugly, should not make it to the final draft of the video. Check out to learn how you can cut your videos quickly and efficiently.



What transition to use

editingBecause you will end up with pieces of clips that you want to put together, you will need a transition to make everything seems smooth. Though some parts will require no transition at all like when you are talking about one thing, for example, maybe you just want to make the monologue shorter but still makes it look like it is a one piece of its own. But between different scenes, without something to switch the previous one to the next one, it will look like a rough edit.

Color correction

Recording a video is a tricky thing because you will rely on the sunlight if you do not have any ring lights to shoot, so if you are taking different clips at many places and time this may give you some problems when editing the video. You want to make sure that people can see the theme that you want to make, and you need every clip to have the same ambiance. Color correction will help you to make the particular shoot look similar to others when they are not the same.…