How to Maintain Old Trees

Aside from boosting the look of your house, old trees offer value to people by improving stormwater control at their mature size, offering shade, absorbing traffic noise, and enhancing air quality. These advantages make regular tree services and proper tree maintenance well worth the effort.  

Of course, trees age more slowly compared to humans. However, you still might have trees that require care.  

If you want to take care of old trees on your property and enhance their lifespan, here are several tips on how to maintain old trees: 

Do Not Hang Things from Trees 

You can rapidly wear away the protective bark of a tree if you use a rope to hang a tire swing from a branch. It can also damage important tissue. The weight might break the branch if it does not kill it. You should not tie a rope around the tree if you want to hang a hammock. If you’ll drill a hole and screw in a huge eye bolt, you’ll damage much less the bark. 

Stay off the Roots 

The tree cannot absorb the air and water it requires if the soil is packed down around its roots. Don’t promote foot traffic in the place under the tree’s branches if you want to prevent compacting the soil. Keep away play equipment and paths. Do not pile heavy items or park cars on the roots.  

Protect the Bark 

Be careful when using power tools. You should not strike the tree using tools like string trimmers and lawnmowers if you don’t want to damage its bark. An excellent way to produce a buffer area is to place a circle of mulch around the tree. It is crucial to not harm the important water vessels and susceptible growing tissue just under the bark. 

Get Expert Tree Services 

An old tree might develop cracks, rot, and disease as it advances in age. A couple of its branches can also become too heavy for the trunk to hold. Thus, it is crucial to get expert tree services and an assessment every 1 to 2 years. With this, you can make sure that your old trees are maintained properly and possible health issues and safety threats can be fixed. Tree maintenance Lewisville will be able to help you with the caring of your trees. 

Mulch the Ground 

You can help insulate the roots of the tree if you mulch the place around it. Furthermore, mulch will also supply the soil with extra nutrients as it decays.  

Scatter wood chips, dried leaves, or shredded wood with a depth of 3 up to 4 inches around the tree’s base. You’ve got to ensure that the layer is even. Do not allow the mulch to touch the tree. This will help avoid rot and tree illnesses. 

Fertilize as Required 

Usually, trees do not require fertilizers during the development years. However, as they grow old, their roots become less effective at getting nutrients from the soil. You should ask a professional tree service company about the best fertilizers to utilize since different soil conditions and types of trees need various treatments.