A swimming pool is a structure intended to let swimming activities and hold water. This type of structure comes with several main components that must be attended to and maintain throughout the year. Listed below are some of the major components of a typical swimming pool. 

PVC plastic plumbing that connects all the elements 

This pool component is one that’s linked to all the important components of a swimming pool. Hence, PVC plastic plumbing is extremely as important as the pool pump. 

Chemical feeder (automatic or manual chemical dosing system) 

One way to effectively and quickly sanitize your spa or swimming pool is to use a chemical feeder. A chemical feeder’s major function is to dispense either bromine or chlorine into your pool. It provides the owner of the pool a break from the need to look out for chemicals since it’ll adjust the chemicals on its own automatically. They let proper bromine or chlorine all over your pool without over-sanitizing it. They will let you easily fill the feeder and will be doing all the work for you. 


To provide the best filtration for your pool, make sure to point your return jet far from your skimmer. For best filtration and circulation, point it downwards. 

Water filter 

In the filtration process, the dirty water from the pool will come through the filter. As soon as the dirty water is filtered, it’ll be returned to the pool already clean. The filter system and pump are being connected to incorporate freshwater into the swimming pool. Plus, with the help of this process, the water that’s lost can be restored through evaporation. 

Motorized pump 

To most people, swimming pools serve as a huge basin filled with water where they can have fun and enjoy different activities throughout the year. The water pump is the heart of the pool. Without this motorized pump, the pool cannot be clean within the entire year. The role of the water pump is to continuously pump the water, from the pool, through the filter, and returning to the pool once more. The motorized pump will keep the water clean and sparkling all year round. 

Pool Shell or Basin 

A swimming pool is basically a huge basin that keeps a huge amount of water. 

Main drains/ overflow gutter/ skimmer/ drains 

The main drain of a pool is not really the drain that’s used to drain your pool water. Rather, it’s a housing, outlet pipe that runs to the heather, filter, skimmer, pump, and then back to the pool. Primarily, it is used to enable the swimming pool to efficiently process all the water pool and let the swimming pool move. 

If you’re planning to have your pool installed, maintained, or cleaned, feel free to reach out to the professional pool contractors and get their professional pool service Chula Vista as soon as possible. With the experts’ help, you can make sure that all of your pool needs will be attended to right the first time.