How to Paint Textured Walls?

Panting is not a task that everyone can do, and this is why we hire professionals like painters in Lebanon TN especially for difficult surfaces like rough and textured walls.   

Panting a textured call is a daunting task. You will need to have proper strategies to cover the whole surface and not leave the wall dull and inadequately painted. If you are hesitating to call a professional, let me advise you that even following the best instructions would still leave the task difficult. Proceed to your own convenience.  

There are many things to consider when dealing with a textured wall such as more meticulous technique, nonstandard brushes, and many more. Here are the steps you can do for a more efficient textured wall painting:  

STEP 1  

The first thing is to find a primer to ensure that the paint and color will not be absorbed by the wall. Textured surfaces are considered to be rough and problem surfaces so while people may skip primer in normal walls (although primer is highly recommended), you should not skip it on textured. In choosing a primer, choose the one that is close to the color of the paint: white or tinter primer, depending on the paint color you have chosen whether you chose oil-based or latex. However, take note that oil-based is more versatile.   

STEP 2  

Whether oil-based or latex, choose the one that has a low-maintenance finish and that is very reflective of the light. This is to ensure that the paint would highlight the wall texture’s details. Opt for a semi-gloss or satin finish.  

STEP 3  

More your appliances and furniture and place them in the center of the room. Make sure you cover them to avoid painting onto them. Moreover, remove mirrors, window treatments, artwork, and other objects that hang on the wall. Cover ceiling trim and baseboards too.  

Make sure that you paint safely and turn off any electrical appliances and shut off the breaker. Put on tape to anything that needs cover.   

STEP 4  

If you like hanging objects on walls, then your walls probably have divots and holes. Painting on them will never be helpful and will just create obvious holes on the wall as well as more textures. Use a spackling compound to fill them in and allow the compound to cure as instructed on the packaging.   

STEP 5  

Remove dust and dirt from the walls with a brush to ensure that the walls are clean for the paint and primer.  

STEP 6  

Dilute dish soap in warm water and wipe down the wall with a soapy solution. This ensures that hard seated dirt is removed from the walls  

STEP 7  

This is where you put on your primer with your brush. The strokes to do are similar to when you are putting on paint on a wall. Start with the top left corner until you move down. Make a W-shaped stroke from top to bottom until you cover all walls and their corners. Apply the primer twice if necessary.   

STEP 8  

Fill your tray with the paint, dip your brush, and start painting. Paint the edges first to avoid errant paint strokes.   

STEP 9   

Take your wall brush and begin panting the wall just like how you put on your primer.   

Top Reasons to Have Tree Trimming

Tree trimming will always be a part of tree care. And even though some people think that they can skip this in their landscaping maintenance routine, this is damaging their trees and overall landscaping. It does not hurt to contact the experts in tree service in Fayetteville NC if you think you don’t have the luxury of time to do the trimming by yourself. It is surely a good investment in your tree’s health as well as in your property.  

Landscaping is more than just designing and relocating plants; it also involves taking care of everything in it especially the plants and trees. The deal is, it also provides a good return of investment, as good landscaping will definitely enhance the curb appeal, purify the air, and give you something good to look at every day. This is why pruning and trimming are good investments 

Here are the reasons why tree trimming is something you should not skip in your landscaping routine:  

  1. it gives more landscaping aesthetics 

We all get it. You purchase nice-looking plants, arrange them in a certain order, put some flowers and perennials on the sides, and you think they would last long to maintain the landscape aesthetics. What happens when you do not regularly trim your trees and prune plants is that they affect the overall appearance. Wild branches can grow anywhere causing the landscape to look chaotic. Some branches may also hit some plants, and dis-beauty some flowers you have on the sides. They may also block the sun and prevent rainwater to reach some plants, which inhibits their growth and affect the aesthetics badly.   

In addition, trimming can also remove branches that may obstruct your view of other nice landscapes like a pretty valley on the corner, the lake on the side, or other sceneries that add a majestic element to your garden and landscape.   

  1. it improves the trees’ appearance 

The trees themselves will look bad without proper and regular trimming. They will have misshapen and unbalanced limbs and branches. Leave will sprout in any direction and will make your trees look bedraggled.   

Trimming and pruning are like giving a proper haircut; it improves the look and the overall being of the trees alongside other benefits it gives to the other plants and the landscape.   

  1. it improves the trees’ health 

Trimming removes dead branches as well as maintains the trees. Overgrowth can have negative health consequences to the trees, which later on will make them weaker due to inadequate nutrients, damages, and infection.   

  1. it makes the place safer 

Tree trimming provides more than just a good appearance and overall aesthetics to the landscape; it also keeps you and your property safe. Trees with dead and infested branches are a hazard, especially during strong winds. They may fall to anyone and your property during heavy rain or storms.   


If you are convinced that tree trimming is crucial to the appearance and health of your landscape as well as your safety, then hire your trusted company now.   

The Danger of Defective Refrigerators: Frequently Asked Questions

Appliance repair in Queen Creek AZ always comes in handy as defective appliances need to be repaired as soon as possible before they cause so much inconvenience in the house. Well, to say the least, inconveniences may arise, but dangers can also happen when you keep using damaged and defective units at home. This does not exclude your refrigerator.   

Among the appliances, it is in the kitchen where you get to see units that are often used more than other appliances in the house or in your business; and your fridge may also be one of the frequently touched in your kitchen or in the supermarket. So, to help you, we list here the possible questions you may ask when you experience a defective fridge. As a homeowner or a business owner, we know you will thank us later!  


Is it possible to have a slip and fall accident in a defective fridge?  

Very yes. When a fridge is leaking, accidents like this often happen especially when your floor does not emphasize the water leak.   

The water from the fridge and the condensation altogether can cause puddles at the bottom, causing slipping accidents. If you have seniors and children, this can be hazardous. If you run a business, a defective fridge will be more of an inconvenience since slipping hazards will cause employees and customers accidents. To make it worse, customers will negatively react to your business from the injuries incurred to them and further sue you.   

Can I file an accident lawsuit because of a defective fridge?  

Slip and fall accidents can result in fatal injuries including broken bones, dislocations, sprains, concussions, brain injuries, scarring, coma, and even death, depending on the situation and the severity of the accident. This is why one can always file for a slip and fall accident lawsuit.   

In fact, it is encouraged to file and take appropriate legal actions against the owner of the fridge. This can happen in different places such as hotels, supermarkets, motels, or grocery stores and is attributed to negligence on the responsible party’s side. Filing needs evidence that the injuries really came from the defective appliance unit.   

As a business owner, it is crucial to inspect and repair broken appliances, especially those that will endanger people.   

How about purchasing a defective refrigerator?  

If by any chance, you have purchased a fridge that leaks because of any internal error, you could file a product liability claim against the manufacturing company. Again, always ready proofs or evidence for the lawsuit. Seek out a lawyer after obtaining evidence.   

What can I get in return?  

What you can get depends on the severity of the circumstances of the incident and case. It involved analyzing the severity of the injury and how it affects your daily functions in living and/or at work. This may include medical expenses from the past or future surgery, ambulance, physical rehabilitation, medical prescription, and even lost income because of the incident.   

It is crucial to maintain and repair any appliances at home or in the business to avoid such accidents.